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In our category “Curiosity on Sleep” you will have the opportunity to discover all the curiosities about the world of dreams, how we sleep, and what secrets lie behind our slumber. By reading our Emma blog you will find interesting, fun and useful facts that offer you all the necessary knowledge for a healthy and relaxed rest.

Here, we will deal with topics concerning dreams and their meaning, sleep disorders, the various phases that make up a night of rest, and much more. In this category we want to give you the tools to allow you to answer the questions that you have not yet found the answer to. With the help of Emma Mattress and the creative blog team, we will help you create the perfect conditions to give you a better night’s sleep.

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The perfect bed for a good night sleep
Sleeping well is absolutely essential for our well-being. Specialists have insisted for years on the importance of sleeping well...
Baby on a mattress smiling
Get the best sleep for your baby
Are you worried about your newborn’s sleep routine? We at Emma really care about sleep. Today we want to...
Lucid Dreaming: What Is It and How To Do It?
What is lucid dreaming?   Have you ever been in a dream where you have realized you are dreaming?...
The True Importance of Sleep
Everybody does it. It’s perfectly natural. Some do it naked and some do it with their clothes on. Some...

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