How to Choose a Pillow–tips to find your perfect pillow

“How to choose a pillow” is often a question neglected by many people. Mattresses get a lot of attention these days and rightly so. After all, whether you get a good night’s rest will depend be tremendously on the type of foundation where we spend many hours of our lives sleeping. However, people often forget another component that is also extremely important: your pillow.

Using a bad pillow can result in you waking up with pain in your neck and shoulders or other areas of your body. It can also affect your ability to fall and stay asleep. Your perfect pillow will depend on your body and sleep habits. Remember, your pillow should be comfortable and support your head, neck, and shoulders. So, how do you choose a perfect pillow?

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3 Tips for choosing the perfect pillow

Selecting a pillow does come down to individual preferences and your sleeping position, but here are some good tips to consider before you make your purchase:

  • Choose the right filling

Feather pillows (down pillows) might be an option for you if you prefer light and soft pillows that come from duck or goose fibres.  However, these pillows can be quite expensive and are not hypoallergenic. Microfibre and cotton are options for those that need a hypoallergenic pillow that is also firm. Memory foam is for those that want a pillow that adapts to your specific shape.

Memory foam pillows are also ideal for those with head, neck, or shoulder pain since they contour to the specific areas and offer support.

  • Weight and size

Depending on how much you move your pillow during the night, weight might be an important issue for you. Cotton and down pillows are lighter than memory foam and latex options. Most people will be happy with standard pillow sizes, which are also easier to find pillowcases for. If you decide to go with a smaller or larger pillow, make sure the case you select is the right size and that you aren’t stuffing your pillow inside the case or letting it lay in a sea of fabric.

  • Breathable and Washable fabric

Select a pillow with a breathable and washable pillowcase or cover. A breathable pillowcase will ensure that heat flows from your head to the pillow and out into the atmosphere, so you don’t overheat during the night. No one wants to wake up with sweat all over the neck or head, right? That is why we incorporated moisture-wicking UltraDry technology into our pillow. It guarantees you sleep cool and comfortable.

Pillow for different types of sleepers

Do sleep positions influence your choice of a perfect pillow? The short answer is YES. The answer is more complicated to explain since we all change positions during the night, so no one is a side or back sleeper all the time. That being said, there are probably some positions that you favour a bit more than others. For example, I rarely ever wake up on my side but more often on my back or stomach. Here are some basic rules that will help you in determining which pillow matches your sleeping style:

Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers like soft pillows and in some cases, no pillow at all. Instead of having a pillow underneath their heads, front sleepers might opt for a pillow under their stomach and pelvis to attain alignment. Emma pillow is designed with this scenario in mind. The adjustable three-layer foam design makes it possible for you to remove any layer, and keep the one(s) that supports you the best.

pillow for stomach sleeper

Pillow For Back Sleepers

Back Sleepers usually favour a thinner, flatter pillow for keeping the neck in alignment with the spine. They may also favour a softer pillow.  However, if you are already experiencing neck pain, a supportive pillow would also be an ideal choice. In this case, try to find a pillow that still feels soft but that also provides sufficient support. With the  Emma pillow, you can mix any two layers of the foam to get the perfect level of support and comfort.

As a back sleeper, I personally like to position the HRX foam layer at the bottom of the pillow, together with the ZeroGravity viscoelastic foam layer on the top of the pillow. While the top part contours my neck and relieves pressure, the bottom part gives enough support to keep my neck well-positioned. The combination is always flexible, treat this as a “Lego game”, you will find your best mix and match.

pillow for back sleeper

Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

Side Sleepers, on the contrary, would prefer a thicker, firmer pillow. According to, a good rule of thumb is to find a pillow that is as thick as the distance between your shoulder and the opposite ear. Thinking about measuring the distance already? No need! At Emma, we believe that the best way to find your perfect pillow is to try it out yourself.  Emma offers a 200 night trial period for not just its award-winning mattress, but also for its premium memory foam pillow. Why not take advantage of it and try Emma pillow out?

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Choosing the right mattress means a lot for a night of better sleep, but the pillow also plays an equally important role when improving your sleep quality. It is critical you take your sleep habits into account when choosing a pillow. Besides, the right filling and cover also matter a lot. Most importantly, you should always try the pillow out before making your final decision. Try the Emma pillow, you will not regret it!

    • Heather Anderson
      November 11, 2020 AM 8:23
      This pillow is so far the most comfortable one I have ever had!
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