Emma celebrates 1 Million Mattresses sold

Last week we were absolutely giddy with anticipation to announce that Emma sold 1 Million mattresses. To be absolutely honest, it’s all thanks to you. We couldn’t have done it without all the love and support you have shown for our products and our quest to deliver the best night’s sleep to every household.

It seems like only yesterday that we began this journey in a small office in Frankfurt, Germany with a quaint team of international dreamers. We worked hard and diligently to make our dream a reality so that people far and wide would wake up feeling rejuvenated with pep in their step. We are proud to say that Emma has now expanded into 22 countries and present in 5 continents.

Here’s a quick look at what Emma has accomplished since 2015:

Emma accomplishments

Emma has been quite the busy body, and we don’t have any plans to slow down yet! We want to continue transforming lives with quality sleep and helping others to live their best lives. With the most progressed innovations, Emma mattresses give you the ideal amount of pressure relief, support and comfort. Thanks to your trust in our products, Emma has sold more that 1 Million mattresses so far. With endorsements from Which?, GoodHousekeeping and other independent testing facilities, you can be sure you have found a real winner with Emma mattresses.

If you know someone who isn’t getting the rest they deserve, why don’t let them discover our products? Remember that sleeping well helps to have the right energy to face the day. In addition, it allows a better psycho-physical condition, for the benefit of a better quality of life. You can read more in one of our previous post about the importance of having a good night sleep.

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